Summer chronicles


I decided to do an outfit post, since I haven’t done one in a while. But this one is going to a bit different. I will show you a couple of different outfits that I love wearing. I am going to talk about my favorite summer outfits. But a work/school friendly ones. We all love those crop tops and short shorts, but they just don’t cut it when you go to work.

the b&w

My first one would be this one that you have seen in my Dubrovnik and Travel photography posts. Black stripes on white flowy fabrics are a great summer take on the classic B&W look. What I’ve noticed is that body-tops are everywhere now. They have always been around, but now they are taking the fashion world by storm. This black one from H&M is actually my first one and I quite like it. It is in my favorite color, black, and has that little string action in the front. I am wearing striped B&W pants from Zara and a choker from Choies. The simplicity of  this whole outfit is what makes me love it so much.

DSCF2709 DSCF2795DSCF2796DSCF2860DSCF2863

miss daisy

As much as I love black it is not always practical to wear it during summer days as it attracts sun rays and makes you feel too hot. That’s why my second outfit will be in light colors. This baby blue shirt has long sleeves but they roll up nicely and the fabric feels so good. It is airy and light and just makes you feel so comfortable. What I chose to wear with this soft shirt is a lace white skirt and navy striped espadrilles. Now I love styling my hair in different ways and decided that this outfit needed a nice bouquet of white flowers to finish it off. I just realized that all of the items are from H&M, just bought at different time periods.

DSC_3209DSCF2425 DSCF2479

baby blues

What I love about summer is that you get to wear pretty and comfy clothes at the same time! I love discovering new and interesting designs and outfits. The one I`m wearing is from Zara. It is a soft baby blue shade and look like a petite dress but in fact it is a jumpsuit! It has a nice sleeping beauty feel, like you are on a cloud. The jumpsuit is  completely hidden by the outer layer which makes it so interesting. The sleeves add a bit of balance to the shortness of the dress/jumpsuit.  What I also love about it is the back cut out. I pared it with blush Office shoes espadrilles and a little bag from I am.


DSCF3514  DSCF3512



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Custom themed espadrilles – DIY


Through my posts a talk about my DIYs and I haven’t actually shown any of them to you. So, I would like to share my latest project with you!

The fake espadrilles I bought at H&M were perfect for this project because they have a lot of white surfaces. And to make the Marauders map I needed a lot of space.

So what you will be needing is:

  1. white shoes (or any light colored) 
  2. a fine brush
  3. black fabric paint
  4. some old newspaper (to protect the table you are working on)
  5. old store bags (to stuff the shoes with)
  6. bobby pin is optional (I used it for dots)


The black I used is from Müller. You can see it better here:


  • First you need to stuff the shoe so the fabric won`t move when you draw on it.
  • Then you take a pencil and start making your design!
  • You can make anything really. I chose to do a Harry Potter themed shoe, because who doesn’t love HP?!



  • After you have finished your design (it takes some time!) you can take the brush and start painting.
  • The results will be amazing!
  • Even if you think you can`t do it, trust me you can. And you will be happy you did try when you see your finished one-of-a-kind shoe pair !

DSCF2989 DSCF2990


Hope you liked this DIY and had fun making your own custom shoe design!

Tell me in comments how your shoes turned out!


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Eating through Dubrovnik


Food is a big part of traveling, and an important factor in liking a new place! Here is what I ate in my 3 day stay in Dubrovnik.

Day 1

So, as usual, with the last-minute-packed suitcase, I arrived in Dubrovnik late afternoon and headed straight to lunch/dinner. After wondering around the neighborhood my apartment was in I found this beautiful (a bit expensive, but totally worth it) restaurant called Magellan. I had an octopus on top of green peas puree and it was absolutely delicious. I have to be honest when I saw the amount of food on my plate I was a bit worried I will say hungry. As it turns out it was to much!


Later on I had some ice cream that tasted just as an ice cream should, creamy and refreshing. I had lemon and cheesecake.


As it was late, and a national holiday, I didn’t get to try anything else that day.

Day 2

On my day 2 I had breakfast in my room and around 11 stopped for a coffee. This little cafe is located just next to Stradun (the main street in Dubrovnik old town) in one of the cutest little alleys! It was right across a small Christmas decoration shop.  The coffee I had there was pretty good and in just the right amount.


As I love sea food my lunch choice was a diverse sea plate with muscles, calamari, shrimps and fish. The fish was a little bit to dry and calamari a bit to fried for my taste but everything else was delicious. The restaurant I chose was in one of the higher alleys (looking from the center). That street is packed with restaurants so I randomly chose this one.


Later I noticed that the little cafe is actually a pastries shop! So, naturally I had to go back to try some of their pancakes. I had coconut, cookie and white chocolate filling. They looked absolutely mouthwatering. And let me tell you they are quite possibly the best ones I’ve had in a while! And the best dinner also.


Day 3

On my last day breakfast was truly breathtaking. Partly because of the food and mostly because of the view I had with it. I had a traditional delicacy a rožata decorated with mint leaves and white almonds. Rožata is like a vanilla pudding topped with a caramel dressing.  I have eaten this type of desert before but not as good as this one.


To go with my rožata I drank whipped cream coffee. The cream was just sweat enough to go with the bitterns of the coffee perfectly. All in all this restaurant won me over. The location is a bit hard to get to if you don’t have a car and don’t wish to pay for the cable car. Srđ is a hill that looks upon Dubrovnik and has a 5 km climb. I`m not much of a climber anyway and that day was an extremely hot one so climbing was out of the question for me. So I took the cable car up; #WhenInRome


Lunch was sadly skipped this day as a ferry to Lokrum was leaving around 4 and I wanted to have a couple of hours there as well. But for dinner, apart from delicious melon and lime ice cream, I bought loyuat. A kind of fruit that looks like a round yellow – orange apricot, but with a smooth skin and 3 ovules. It tastes sweet and sour at the same time. They grow on trees all around and were brought by sailors from eastern Asia centuries ago.

Chipped nail #facepalmDSCF2736

Day 4

Technically this is not all in Dubrovnik, but it is close so I decided to put it here anyways.

Breakfast was an on foot one, some baked goods from a local pastry shop. And ice cream of course! I had melon and mint and it was the best flavor so far! After this I bought some candied peel of lemon and orange on the local market as I never had this before I was super exited to try this. And it didn’t disappoint! I liked orange ones more as they are not as sour as lemon ones.


Lunch/dinner was outside Dubrovnik, near Metković a charming town next to the river Neretva. The restaurant is located on the outskirts and just when you think you are surely lost you see a sign for Đuđa & Mate. This lunch was a bit out of the ordinary for me as I don’t usually eat stuff like this. But I thought why not try something new! The eel was very good, grilled over open fire where you can actually see what is going on all the time. Frogs were a bit of a challenge to eat because, I mean, they are frogs! And moments before I saw them jumping in and out of the river! Little to say it was weird.

DSC_8299DSC_4342DSC_8312Topped with prosciutto and parsley they still looked like frogs. Now when I finally got the courage to try them they tasted just like chicken so I don’t understand all the fuss about it, but maybe that is just me. All in all it was tasty and would definitely recommend it. As it was in the middle of nowhere I had coffee at the same restaurant. It was not as good as the one in Dubrovnik but it was satisfactory.


Have you tried eating frogs before? Comment your frog experiences below! 🙂

Hope you found this helpful.



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How To – Travel Photography


We all wish to have beautiful photos to look at when we get back from our travels. The ones we can truly see and feel that they have captured the very essence of our trip.

Now while taking photos is easy, taking photos with such “power” is a bit more tricky. But fear not! The simple tips here will help you improve in an instant!


Start of by creating a vision board of all  the pictures you have found online that you like! If you don’t  feel like DIY-ing and “scrap-booking” an alternative is this an amazing app called pinterest. There you can simply create an online vision board and name it the way you like it! (If you don’t know what to pin to your board, take a look at this one) Once you start piling them up you will soon see they all have a common composition, an object, or style. This applies to all, not just travel photography. I for example love photos with flowers and the ones where a subjects face is eater facing away or is covered. Learn what attracts you to these pictures you have picked and try to replicate it. ( Of course don’t simply copy what you see, try to add your own seal to it as well (: )

Here are some photos to get you inspired:

Coffee fox:



Practice Makes Perfect

On your next trip try to look around, not just the main attractions, look further. What surrounds you can often have more character than popular sites. Not that having a shot of the Eiffel tower is bad, but will get back to that later on. You need to look at cute shops, cafes, streets that are not “on the beaten path”. Look for similarities with your vision board in things you see. That will help you train your eye to see the perfect setting for a photo.




Look And See

Next step will be to think about the style of your shoots. Try to imagine what a shoot of the place in front of you would look like if it was one of the pictures you put on your vision board. Or if it was taken by one of your favorite photographers/instagramers. What angle is it shoot from? Are there people in it? What are they doing? What light is it shoot in?  What does the composition look like? Answering these questions will make you see all the variety of ways in which you can shoot. Also use the rule of three. When you divide an image into thirds, horizontally and vertically, you can play whit the position of your subject in those three frames. What can make your photo stand out is the use of editing apps. There is a great variety of them and they manage everything from brightness and contrast to sharpness and colors. ( Just don’t over edit! That ruins a picture too.)





Do(not) pose

Now lets get back to that landmark photography. I personalty love having them in my pictures. Some people don’t, and that’s ok too. Finding what you like is the most important aspect of photography. If you chose to take pictures with or of famous sites and wish for them to be a bit different than average tourist shoots please read on. We have all had our fair share of typical tourist next-to-an-attraction-smile ones. It is time to shake this up! Take a picture of your bag, map, hat or anything that you have in your hand at the moment and let that be the focus while you have “accidentally” captured the site in the background. Let someone take a picture of you facing the other way, or just casually walking by, “unaware” of the beautiful architecture behind you.  You can even do something silly like start dancing, jumping, running while someone is taking pictures!  Make some funny faces and have fun. Forget you are in front of the camera! I’ve noticed people tend to tens up and make that same old pose as they’ve always had. Step out of your comfort zone, it is the only way to improve! #powerfulthoughts







Hope you found it helpful! If you have your own way of improving or know of one fell free to comment and say what works bestfor you!


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How to make a jumpsuit elegant


When you go shopping look for fabrics that are not too shiny. They can have some shine to them and still look good, but it all depends on the cut and design of that piece. Fabrics that are see through, and are not meant to be that way, will end up looking cheap and tacky. Also you want to avoid polyester, not only it looks bad (mostly, but not always!) this type of fabric doesn’t breathe. You defiantly don’t want hat to happen because you will feel like you are dressed in an oven, the temperature keeps rising in the warm days and it is freezing during colder ones. DSCF1963 Next thing you should pay attention to is clean lines. What you want is elegance and that classy look. The design of your jumpsuit needs to be as simple as possible. With only the most basic stitching and elements. The jumpsuit can be figure-hugging or have a more flowy feel to it. It all depends on what you like, as both can be equally elegant. DSCF1960 What really gives that effortless chic and sophistication is solids. Solid colors are always elegant. When shopping for a polished outfit you should focus on basic colors, but not only white or black. Gray, nude, tan, blush, navy work as good. Also, you probably won’t be able to achieve this look in neons, but pastels on the other hand can be even better than basics. What you should focus on are the small details on a jumpsuit. Such as the design of the straps (if it has any), for example the one I’m wearing has small braids. Or the neck line, like a v-cut. It can be off the shoulder, be a midi or maxi, with or without sleeves. DSCF1962 Shoes can make a look go from everyday to special occasions only. It is all about the shoe! Whenever you need a more sophisticated look go for heels. Personally I love an occasional heel, but I’m more of a flats-kind-of-girl. If you are like me you are in luck because now is the perfect time for flats! from sneakers to espadrilles, flats are taking over the fashion world by storm! Bloggers like Ammy Song, Alexandra Pereira , Chiara Ferragni, Danielle Bernstein have adopted this trend in the best way possible. All the big labels, and the small ones, are making them, so the stores are full. You have no excuse not to rock them the best way possible! DSCF1950

Accessories are here to help you complete your look! But not just jewelry, hair and makeup are crucial to crating this look. When looking to dress up any outfit you should start with your hair! I always say that curls and braids are your best friend in such occasions. But as a straight-haired-girl I think I’m a bit bias on the curls part. Braids are proven to work though!(Post on braids is coming soon!) What you are looking for, both in hair and makeup, is something different from your everyday look. For example if you usually don’t wear eyeliner or lipstick this is what you should put on now. Also play with colors of your eyeshadow. A good black or brown smokey eye is great, but it can be made with other colors; like purple, blue, green and can look even better! When accessorizing comes you sometimes wish to go by that less-is-more rule. Tiny necklace can lift an outfit instantly without being the sole focus of it.What I like most is rings. Here I’m wearing some of my newest additions from H&M, along with the ones I’ve collected through my travels, and they are my only items here. Again I say simplicity is the key. So go and get ready for that special occasion ahead of you! DSCF1965




Jumpsuit : Zara (similar here,  here or here)

Sunnies: Marc Jacobs (similar can be found here, here and here)

Shoes: Stradivarius (similar here, here or here)

Blazer: Mango (similar ones here and here)

Bag: Mango (similar here and here)

Hope you found this post helpful! Feel free to comment and share!

If you liked this check out some of my other tips and outfits!

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Traveling cheap + Budapest in a day

“Traveling is a state of mind”

Traveling is a state of mind! It is a priority choice. If you love it you will find a way to go. But with a little bit of help you can do it with less money than you thought!

This trip just sort of happened out of the blue. I simply packed for a day trip and in a few hours there we were! Luckily I live quite close so such a one-day trip was possible. I have never been to Hungary before and I can only say it has won me over. I was so excited to finally see Budapest because I was planing to go there for a few years now, but somehow everything got in the way of it. You know how it is, you set yourself a travel goal and it always stays on the horizon, just out of reach. Because we all live in a belief that travel is expensive and needs so much preparation, when in reality it is as expensive as your finances allow. Yes, I do realize that sounds a bit like a magic trick, after all how can you decide how much a bus/plane/train ticket will cost? But I’ll tell you a secret, you can! The key here is to watch for discounts, for special offers and a travel date that is not in the peak of a tourist season. When you learn to keep your eye open for such things your budget will be safe! Will you still have to spend a fair sum of money? Definitely! But this way it will be on things you want and not accommodation or tickets!


So, go subscribe on a mailing list of your airport or train station to get daily notices about cheap options! Now all you need to do is go pack!

Here are some of the pictures I took in Budapest:

The Chain bridge
The Chain Bridge
Buda Castle form the Chain Bridge
The Chain Bridge
Danube and Pest
And it is a bike loving city!





Hope you like this post and found it helpful!

Fell free to comment!

Till next time!  xoxo

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Spring vibes


Finally spring is here! And, as much as I may prefer winter, I can`t help but feel the power of it; clean, gentle colors, flowers and birds everywhere.. That precisely is what inspired my pink-blush outfit.




Bomber jacket form Stradivarius

Shirt from Springfield (unfortunately it is no longer available, but here are similar ones)

Blush jeans from Zara

Shades from H&M Coachella 

Olive-fringe heels (from a small boutique on my last trip to Poland)

Headphones from Sony

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5 ESSENTIAL PACKING TIPS for a music festival

HappyMother's Day

The season of music festivals is upon us and you, and your amazing crew have decided to go.  You got the tickets, the tent is ready and the adrenaline is high.  Only now that you have to pack your bags you have no idea where to even beguine. What should you even take with you to such an event?

Well, dearest reader you have come to the right place!  Because we all wish to do things the easy way I have done the research for you. And who would refuse a little cheat – sheet ?! This post will give you 5 basic guidelines to help you pack!  Let`s beguine:

1.The climate:

Think about where you are going; What is the climate usually like in this time of year? What will the weather be like? What does the forecast say?

( I find accuweather to be really reliable on my travels)

2.The place:

Where will you stay? In the open? Indoors?

If you are staying in a tent be prepared to take warmer clothes (Yes even if it`s summer!). The warm temperatures can easily deceive you into thinking you don`t need them, but you do. Trust me on this one!

If you will be in a hostel/hotel or any tipe of in-door-accommodation you will be quite safe from the cold. But still take a cardigan or a sweater with you (no need to take the entire collection, one will suffice).

3.Don`t forget a comfortable change of shoes!


4.Pack your essentials:

If you are anything like me you can get carried away and end up dragging two giant suitcases for a weekend trip! #crazypackinglady

So let us all be smart here. You probably (read defiantly) won`t be needing your entire shoe, make up or bag collection for this one. Simply pack one, maybe two of the pieces you can combine with everything and you will be just fine.

5.This is the time to think edgy!

Take that stunning, eye-catching hair peace you have had in your drawer collecting dust all this time. Yes you know which one I`m talking about, the one you bought ages ago and never had the courage to actually wear. Festivals are amazing for such things! You love to see them on celebrities and models but have never been brave enough to take out and about.


So this is the end – you  may think – This one has said it all.  But you are wrong I have a little bit more wisdom to share with you guys! Two additional tips that might help you:

6.Do not take your camera with you!

As much as you might like the idea of having high-quality photos the risk is just not worth it. Festivals are crowded, you can easily get pushed and damage your camera or lose it. Your phone will do the trick, and the picks will be good. Honestly those few great shots are just not worth it in a long run.

7. This is the time to experiment

Yes I am aware that I`m repeating myself, but it is so true! You can have so much fun creating your awesome outfits and different hairstyles. Fool around,try new things, have fun!

Here come some of my favorite celeb-festival-style-slideshows to inspire your outfits:





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Rainy day at home


<div id=”MTc0MzQ3MTE=”><a href=”″><img src=”” width=”200″ height=”200″/></a></div>

Today was a very gloomy and rainy day, ti was really cold outside. Snuggling in a warm blanket and drinking caramel latte coffee was the best option, but  I decided that a day shouldn’t go to waste just because of the rain. So I took my camera and, like any good photographer (a bit of wishful thinking there) snapped away.

Here are some of the picks that I think turned out nice!



DSC_6356                                        DSC_6357






Do you like staying in or gong out with your camera when it is cold and rainy? – feel free to leave a comment! xx

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